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The RICH – Research and Innovation Center for Health's mission is the interdisciplinary production of scientific research and technology-based innovation in health, in collaboration with international open science communities, with the aim of contributing to health knowledge and the achievement of innovative responses to current and future challenges in this sector, ensuring the offer of differentiated health services and products, as well as the dissemination of the knowledge it produces, in close proximity to other organizations with educational and scientific purposes, and to the community.


1 Develop health research, empirical work, communication of results, scientific debate in the community and scientific education, in contact with schools.

2Support professors, researchers, health professionals and students of degree awarding courses or advanced training in health, in the development of research skills associated with innovation, promoting the creation of qualified employment and the development of scientific careers.

3Integration of RICH members in an international, multidisciplinary network of researchers and innovation projects in health, promoting publication in international classified journals, with peer review.

4Close collaboration with organizations that make up the health market in Portugal, actively contributing to the scientific training of national companies, essential to their competitiveness, and to technology-based entrepreneurship in health.

5 Reinforce interaction and mobility between national and international R&D institutions, with membership of the Euraxess program of the Science and Technology Foundation – FCT.

6Promote the European projects of "Europe of Knowledge" and "Open Science", in collaboration with the Open Science Community Lisbon - OSCLx and the Portuguese Reproducibility Network - PtRN, contributing to the affirmation of Portuguese science in the world, complying with the best practices science organizations and ensuring the public's free and open access to scientific knowledge.

7Contribute to the achievement of ESESFM's mission and to the notoriety of this organization.

Do you have a PhD, want to research and innovate in health?

Do you have a PhD, want to research and innovate in health?

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