We have a multidisciplinary team of integrated researchers, with ten PhDs in different scientific areas (namely in nursing, education, ICT, immunology and oncology, and economics) and six specialists in nursing.

We have at our disposal the collaboration with statisticians and translators, the support of GAID – Support Office for Research and Development, of the CEU Group, in the selection and applications for funding for projects, a leadership committed to innovation in collaboration with companies , liaison with international teams and approaching the needs of the community.

We bring together partners like International Network of Open Science & Scholarship Communities (INOSC) and the PtRN – Portuguese Reproducibility Network. We believe in the advantage of open and shared science, complying with the best international practices of doing science.

We have the help of a specialist in the RGPD - General Data Protection Regulation and an Ethics Committee with doctors with knowledge of excellence in bioethics.

Our External Monitoring Unit is composed of a national researcher from a research center classified by the FCT as “Excellent” and two other senior foreign researchers who collaborate in Research Centers of European Universities.


RICH organization chart